Brand Positioning: Luxury Watches

Topics: Watch, Marketing, TAG Heuer Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: August 16, 2008
Market Segmentation
The market for Luxury watches consists of buyers, and Buyers differ according to their wants, resources, locations, buying attitudes, and buying practices. Because these buyers have unique needs and wants, each buyer is potentially a separate market. Therefore it is extremely essential for a marketer to analyze the segment in which it needs to compete. A seller might design a separate marketing program for each buyer. The luxury watches market can also be segmented in a similar fashion. Some distinct factors which divide the market are as follows:- 1.Age

a. 20-35 years b. 35-50 yearsc. 50 yr and above
a. Maleb. Femalec. Unisex

a. Sportyb. Jewelryc. Technology

a. Omegab. Rolexc. Tag Heuer
d. Breitlinge. Cartierf. Gucci

a. 10-40kb. 40-100kc. 100k +

a. Analogb. Digitalc. Dual

a. Leatherb. Metalc. Synthetic
i) Steel
ii) Gold
iii) Titanium
8.Benefit sought

Targeting strategy or targeting is the selection of the customers you wish to service. The decisions involved in targeting strategy include: Which segments to target
How many products to offer
Which products to offer in which segments

Targeting Market Segments

Competitive Analysis
Male/Unisex brands
NameMajor productsMrkt ShareStrengthsWeakness
Tag Heuer1.Formula 1
2.Golf Watch
3.Monaco10%VisibilityLate Entry
First moverConsidered old

Female brands
NameMajor productsMarket ShareStrengthsWeakness
Gucchi1.Singnoria2%Other Product, Brand ValueTechnology

Marketing Communication Strategies
NameBrand AmbassadorsPunch LinesTarget AudienceMedia
Tag Heuer1.Shahrukh Khan
2.Priyanka Chopra
3.Tiger Woods“What are you made off”Age – 25 – 45yrs Sex – Male...
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