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Statement of Problem

What are the factors that influence people to migrate internally in Jamaica especially from Braeton Phase 1, Portmore, St. Catherine to other communities?

Reason for Selecting the Area of Research

The reason for selecting this area for research is because it is the area in which I reside. Also since living in this area from the age of 5 years old, I took notice of migration in and out of the community at an early age, so I have very strong ideas on what makes people actually migrate.


This SBA, as mention in the statement of problem, is about the community of Braeton Phase 1 which is situated in Portmore, St. Catherine. This community is neighbouring to Marine Park and Braeton Phase 2 and 3. The main focus of the SBA shows the effects and disturbances which pushes people to migrate out of the area.

Method of Investigation

The Method of Investigation is in the form of a questionnaire which will help show some factors why people migrate out of Braeton. The questionnaires will be given to random people who live in the community. After getting them back, it will be tallied and presented.

Data Collection Instrument


Read each of the following questions carefully then place a tick (✓) in the boxes provided below. 1. Gender:Male Female

2. Age: 12-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 Over 50

3. Occupation:Employed UnemployedSelf-employed

4. How long have you been living in this community?

1-5 years 6-10 years 11-15 years Over 16 years

5. What are some of the main factors why people leave the community? Crime and violence
Job opportunities elsewhere
Frequent flooding

6. When boys and girls leave or graduate from school and reach working age, do they often move away from the community? Yes, Often
Yes, Occasionally
Seldom or Never
Don’t Know

7. What do you think lead young adults to move away from here? Marriage
Don’t Know

8. Are there any community development projects in this community where people get together on their own initiative to build or repair buildings, drainage, roads etc.? Yes No

9. Does pollution often occur in the community?
Yes No

10. If yes, which pollution occurs most?

11. Do these pollution forces people to migrate out of the community? Yes No Don’t Know

12. What are some of the things that caused pollution in the community and for people to migrate?

Very loud music
Burning of garbage

13. How often do you see people move in and move out of this community? Often
Seldom or Never
Don’t Know

14. Are you a frequent migrator?
Yes No

15. If yes, state the reason why you migrate.

Procedure for Data Collection

For the collection of the data, the questionnaire method was used with regular questions to be answered. The samples were randomly selected. It was given to twenty (20) persons.

The sample consisted of 8 males and 12 females between the ages of 17 to 50 years old. The questionnaires were handed out randomly, as mention above, to people who were coming from school or work. The first 20 person who walked past my house got questionnaires.

All of the questionnaires were returned filled up. They were handed out 22th of February 2012 and were collected on the 24th of February 2012.

Presentation of Data

In the presenting of the data, all questionnaires were tallied and now will be shown graphically.

Table 1
Age of the participants
Age | Males| Females|
12-19| 1| 0|
20-29| 3| 4|
30-39| 2| 3|
40-49| 2| 2|
50+| 0| 3|
Total| 8| 12|

Table 1 above...
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