Brand Failures

Topics: Marketing, Coca-Cola, Marketing research Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 1, 2012
Marketing is easy to teach, it is easier to understand as well. On practice, marketing is quite difficult as a company should have a strong marketing team to work on market opportunity analysis, target market selection, marketing strategy design, marketing program development. When a company slips away from deciding the right marketing mix, their products meet failure. Failures are not patented by small companies , there are stories of several huge brands who have failed drastically. Kellogg’s, of course, a mighty brand around the globe, had a tough ride in India. In 1994, when Kellogg’s decided to invest US $65 million in India, it was encouraged well by Indian economic experts. However, Indians found the concept of eating cereals for breakfast to be an entirely new one. It was a terrible failure. The company’s further attempts to ‘Indianize’ its products became disastrous. Though the company tried to cater the market requirements through various alterations, the high product price remains as a constrain for the consumers. Mercedes-Benz, the German car giant introduced its E-class sedan in India. Indian wealthy middle class was the target and unfortunately, the car failed to inspire the target. Two years after the introduction, the company’s plant in India was using only 10 per cent of its capacity. One of the world's most recognized brand, Coca-Cola, in 1985 ,decided to terminate its most popular soft drink and replaced it with a formula that they wanted to market as New Coke, was a massive failure. The coke team actually failed to recognise the value of their existing product. Vanilla coke, came with a bang to the Indian market in 2004, was promoted well in a retro style went out of the scene within a year. Reasons for the failure are assumed to be the premium price, wrong target selection and most importantly, the product quality. Knorr, world’s largest soup selling brand, when acquired by HUL in India, met with the...
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