Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making
Case Study: Porsche Company

Porsche producing company is an automobile company that started with the production of Porsche vehicles aimed for the wealthy. Similar to other organizations, it understands the customer preferences and that the fundamental aspect for booming product sales includes the following: quality, name, reputation, and the ability to make sales to the target market. To provide a thorough analysis of how Porsche Company has survived in the market and how it has been able to maintain the old products while creating new products, this paper will look at the company’s buyer decision process for its different vehicle models. In addition, the customers’ attitudes towards Porsche Company will be reviewed and how it creates an image for its customers.

Many companies have so far ventured in the automobile industry and thus the existing ones have to be aggressive enough to deal with such an outgrowing competition. Porsche Company is just an example of the key players in this rather overloaded industry. It is an old company hence it is sure to guard the old while introducing new products, “Company Case Porsche (2010)”. It has been able to maintain the customer relations through their various brands and it is because of this that they are successful in the market.

Thesis Statement
To achieve a clear image of the Porsche there is need to look at the following; * Buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer
* The comparison between the decision process of a traditional Porsche customer and for a Cayenne or Panamera customer. * The concepts behind Porsche’s increased sales of low priced models in 1970’s and 1980’s * Developing consumer attitudes towards brands like, Porsche. * The role of Porsche brand in developing the buyer self-concept. * Buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer

The customer’s decision for Porsche...
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