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|The Porsche | |Individual Assignment | | | |Use the document from: | |_ Principle of Marketing – Chap 5: Consumer market and Consumer Buyer Behavior | |_ website: | | | | | |DucNA – BA00274 – Class BA0604 | |5/29/2012 | | |


Teacher : NguyenLTT

Student: Nguyễn Anh Đức

Roll Number: ducnaba00274

Class: BA0604

A. Question

“ Read the Company Case - Porsche: Guarding the Old While Bringing in the New. Develop a three-page, APA-style paper on the following Questions for Discussion: 1.Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer.  2.Contrast the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Panamera customer.  3.Which concepts from the chapter explain why Porsche sold so many lower-priced models in the 1970s and 1980s?  4.Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes toward a brand like Porsche develop. How might Porsche change consumer attitudes towards the brand?  5.What role does the Porsche brand play in the self-concept of its buyers?

COMPANY Case: Porsche: Guarding the Old While Bringing in the New Porsche (pronounced Porsh-uh) is a unique company.

B. Solution.

1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer.

According to “ The Buyer Decision Process “ ( Principle of Marketing - Chap 5 – Page 130 ) we define that there are 5 step for the process of the buyer when they decide buy a products or services. Stage 1: Need recognition

Stage 2: Information search

Stage 3: Evaluation of alternatives

Stage 4: Purchase decision

Stage 5: Post-purchase behavior

So now, in the case of Porsche we will explore each stage to analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer.

• Need Recognition :  In the case we know that the typical Porsche customer does not buy a Porsche for the physical reasons of the general consumer might purchase a vehicle. So the customer’s needs when they purchase for Porsche are aimed to externally stimulated, esteem needs.  The typical Porsche customer is not someone who has no vehicle or transportation don’t like the different such as Honda’s Customer, Toyota’s customer,.etc the normal customer rather to the Porsche customer has been influenced by external factors, such as friends, family, social groups or advertising. They put the believe on Porsche that they can paid money for a Porsche, and that the Porsche brand’s effect help them express themselves, a Porsche customer experiences want to show their self-esteem.

• Information research: We can explain the stage with the action of a customer in this case is that the Porsche’s customer can straight to the Porsche’s show room to select the high quality equipments, systems,..all thing the best for their Porsche. In addition, they may gather information from personal sources such as friends, family or groups of the same social status. Porsche develop the imagine the car is a part of a customer’s body, develop a personal relationship with their cars, one that has more to do with the way the car sounds, vibrates, and feels so the informed...
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