Branches of Philosophy

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Branches of Philosophy
Kenney Starr
American Intercontinental University


The different branches of philosophy are broken down into six different categories. These different categories answer the many questions that we as individuals ask as we go through the journey of life. Although these questions are sometimes complicated and at many times are very difficult to answer at some time we come up with an answer. Even though the answer is not what we would expect it is the answer that best fulfils our inner thought process that is closely linked to the different aspects of philosophy. An aspect that we all encounter throughout life is an important one as through this process we begin to understand life based on a logical level.

The first branch of philosophy Metaphysics which is very interesting as it encompasses the reality of what is real. This is a very important one as I often throughout life have questioned what is real and what is fake. I can remember a time when as a young man when I questioned everything and its existence. During this time I came to understand that some things are real and some are only make believe. When I use the word make believe I don’t mean that anything that is not real is make believe as some things are real and something’s are based on fiction or just are not what they should be. During this time of learning in my life the element of what is real was challenged one situation that I encountered as a child. For instance I at an early age question the fact that was my mother truly dead as she had left me at an early age. Now when I thought about it I never really believed it because I never saw an obituary, and never really saw my mother dead. This over time has made me wonder if she really was dead. I hear everyone talk about it but I continue to question it. The thought of a soul and a mother’s love for a child is what brings me to this conclusion. As it is often said that there is nothing that can separate a mother from her child and if so even after death then her soul would often come and pay a visit to her child. I have never experienced this but I do believe that there is a thing as a soul. How it survives requires many more questions to be answered. If it were possible to answer these questions is another aspect of philosophy.

The second branch of philosophy which is Epistemology which encompasses what is known. This is interesting as we as human beings often ask this question. Are the things we know based on a higher being and if they are what is the process that we go through to understand it? The aspect of knowledge and BRANCHES OF PHILOSOPHY4

how obtain it is very interesting. Knowledge as it is the basis of how we survive and advance in life. Without it we as human beings would be non-existent.
In my life even today I often ask this question which I couldn’t really ask if I had no knowledge of my own existence. With this is a certain level of confusion that makes this question even that more intriguing. As I go through life I have often thought about what are the limits of the human mind if there are any. I have often been in this situation and believe that there are truly no limits to the human mind. For instance during the process of studying a particular subject an individual can come to an educated guess which a person would believe to be the final or the end of the assignment. Although an individual has come to the end of his/her assignment there are many other thoughts that would exist. How did we reach this point, and is there another way to reach this point. This at some point tells me that there is no limit to the human mind as it like the universe is infinite. The human mind continues to look for ways to evolve and it I believe it to be a natural effect.

The third branch of philosophy is would be ethics. Ethics which involves the aspect...
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