Brainstorming and Planning

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Graded Assignment

Brainstorming and Planning

Complete the questions below to help you begin brainstorming and planning for your argument. Each question is designed to help you think about a different aspect of the planning of your argument. Be sure to answer each question as completely as possible, both because you will be handing in this assignment for a grade and because complete answers will be very helpful to you as you move forward with the writing process.

Remember: You need to complete the assignment by the due date to receive full credit.

(10 points)

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1. A. What is the topic for your argument? Write it as a question.

For example, “Should students have homework every night?”


B. Think about both sides of the argument. In the columns below, write at least two reasons for the argument and two reasons against the argument. Do both sides.

For example:

For homework: Students need to practice what they learned in school

Against homework: Students already work in school. They should relax at home.

|Pro (for) |Con (against) | | | | | | |

(1 point)

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2. Look at your reasons. Are you for or against the argument?

Example: I am against homework.


I am (for or against) ____________ the argument...
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