Brain Drain

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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In my view, another cause of drain brain is that working and studying environment in home country is limited. We haven’t created the best conditions to develop skills of people yet.

As we know, in developed countries around the world, science and technology develop fast. So people living in poor and developing countries tend to go abroad to live, study and find job more and more. If they live in developed countries, they can have high living standard with modern equipments such as: modern library system, labor, computer system or other media. They can easily find information to support their working and studying. Therefore, they want to live in these countries in order to continue using these advantages and don’t want to come back their home country any more. So the lack of qualified labor - called Drain Brain - happens more and more.

On the other hand, some people choose the way to come back their home countries because they want to apply all their learned knowledge in order to develop the country. However, with poor equipments and weak infrastructure, they have no chance to develop their skills. Thus they will feel disappointed and choose the way moving to other country where they can expand their opportunities.

In developed countries, researchers are provided with funds and necessary equipment to carry out study, which can be another motive that attracts those deprived of these opportunities in their home country. Most scientists in underdeveloped countries do not possess laboratory facilities and researchers can not get sufficient funds. Therefore, when developed countries offer these facilities, researchers and scientists naturally prefer to migrate to these countries.

Moreover, policies of government have not encouraged the qualified labor to come back the home country and develop it yet.

In Viet Nam, nowadays many company both state-owned and private companies don’t have suitable policies in...
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