Brain Development and Learning a Second Language

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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Learning a language can be very simple, without a learning experience, only two or three years, you can unknowingly proficiency in a language! Language learning can also say that it is complicated, even for college students or professor may fail to get off! Also in the same language, the simple and complex in learning language is obviously not depend on the difficulty, but rather is differences in the learner. The two different learning effects, because of the baby and adult were used in different brain and used different way to learning language.

Baby has extraordinary learning ability to learn any new things. Opposite, adult’s learning ability as the growth of the age and gradually reduce. For the baby, because they don’t established the logical thinking ability, only can used the rapid subconscious brain to learning. Consequence, they can effortlessly mastery the language. Regardless of how complex language, children can be used freely.

Speaking from a physiological, after the age of three, children begin to establish the logic and consciousness. After the age of six, they start to school to learning characters and mathematics. This is the human consciously begin to using and training of the logic brain. When eight years old, the conscious brain began to occupy a dominant position, and the ability of learning the new language also begin to decrease. That’s why the age getting older, learning language is more difficult.

Understand the brain mechanism for language learning, learning the new languages is not difficult. Children learn the new language, the key is "unconscious", let them to master the language unconsciously. In general, the children need to establish the correct study habit, and establish to the language of natural reaction. Don’t deliberately recite the word, recite the letters, adopt the multimedia let children as possible as contact more language information, that can keep the brain in childhood high-speed ability to learn, establish basic...
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