Bradshaw's Theory

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Bradshaw’s theory about the growth of children is very accurate. When a child experiences pain and suffering at a young age they become emotionally damaged. For example my Grandpa caused my uncle a lot of pain and guilt when he was young because my grandpa divorced by grandma and left my uncle to be the man of the house at such a young age. Today my uncle still has not forgiven my grandfather and he has trouble getting close to other people. In order for my uncle to move forward in his life he has to deal with the issue between himself and my grandfather.

Erickson’s theory is if you are treated well and grow up in a warm and caring home you will be better off in life. For example ever since I was very little I have always been able to trust both of my parents especially my mom. I always turn to her for advice and tell her everything. As a result of that I try to be a very trustworthy person because I want other people to feel like they also have someone they can count on.

Maslow’s hierarchies of human needs are about the differences between the things we need and the things we desire. For example we need things such as food water and air. We also need security and stability, but we desire self-resect, independence, and self-fulfillment. Although we physically couldn’t survive without the things we need we mentally could not live a happy life without the things we desire.
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