Braaap Motorcycles: Key Characteristics of Products and Services and Their Effect on the Market

Topics: YouTube, Customer, Price Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Unit name: Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Unit No: BSBMKG502B

Assessment name: Evaluate and determine the marketing mix

Assessment No: 1

Date: 15/10/2012

Student No: ANC120188

Student name: Hantong Xiao

Trainer: Ram

In this assessment I will talk about how the braaap organisation identifies the key characteristics of products and services and their effect on the market. At braaap their main product is superlight motorcycle’s design and test in Australia. Also they organized superlight riding and racing, and how braaap run a business online and how it is success. Products and services

All braaarp motorcycles are design and tested in Australia, because it is an online shop they got a well organize and a good services. Customer can choose their own plastics colour and sticker kits, all customers want will appear on what they ordered. Customers will get free learn to ride lessons, that can give much more information about their products and make customers like this product because they learn more can know more and they will have a good impression on the braaap’s product and services. The entire bike have disk brakes, it’s make the bike more safety and easy to maintains and repairs, and this will make customers more comfortable with braaap’s product, more safety means life will go longer when you use their products. There have no weight limit, so that’s means every one can ride. The bikes have adjustable set high, if you buy it for your kids, they can ride for a very long time. Also if customers don’t know about how to ride their bike, they are providing lessons to teach people how to ride your own bike, this is very good services because people always want to try new things for this braaap can make people have confidence. Pricing policy

Customer can choose their products by product categories or by price at braaarp they got lots of different price of products, this is good because in this way every people can...
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