Boycott Yes or No

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First of all, Is there anyone who know what’s the meaning of the word “Boycott”?

A boycott is the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest.

I will begin with the advantages of boycott (boycotting?)

First advantage, it’s a way to express what people are thinking about some product or some event, because we are now in an era of democracy. People are used to claim like in Belgium. Belgium people are very good gamers in this game. They are always claiming about increasing the wages, more money for they pension and so on. Don’t forget that because of these reasons, companies are relocating in country where people need money. Anyway, that’s the first advantage. It’s to let people saying what the brands are hiding with the poor social conditions of their workers in the developing countries.

Second advantage, it can improve the social conditions of these workers. As you know, who is buying the products of the brands? The consumer. So they have a kind of weapon to threaten the large companies to improve the work conditions.

Third advantage, it can also be a way to relieve the mind of the consumers. Some people, as some of you, are wearing clothes for example without knowing how it was manufactured. For instance, the workers in the developing countries of Nike, one of the biggest companies of sportive clothes, are often subjected to excessive punishments, verbal harassing and working in non-ventilated place. In Indonesia, the workers of nike earn less than 2 Euros per day and they’re working 60 hours per week. They ‘re also soldiers around the factory to intimidate people. It’s not only Nike, but it is at the head.

Now I will speak about the disadvantages of boycotting ? )

First disadvantage, perhaps the company will put his anger on his workers and make they situations worse unless they are some government who put the pressure on the bad brands. But for instance,...
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