Boy Scouts Pr Paper

Topics: Boy, Mind, Primary research Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Secondary Research
The secondary research was conducted to identify the demographics and psychographics of both the parents and boy’s ages 6-13. It helped identify the size of the market in Collier County. This research revealed valuable and credible information on the history of the Boy Scouts. The history provides viable information about the publics that provided insight into on how to properly reach our audiences.

The secondary research was also conducted to find information about the issues the Alligator District Boy Scouts program is facing. This is imperative because it is important to find out what the parents perception of the Boy Scouts are. The secondary research recognized various issues that are distorting the safe and warm image Boy Scouts want to portray (citation for BSA vision). In the past decade there have been issues that have raised serious concern for the parental public. Issues regarding child molestation have damaged the reputation of the Boy Scouts and have created doubt about the safety of the program in the minds of the parents. The secondary research revealed information regarding a recent tragedy in Collier County (citation needed). In a hiking event the Boy Scouts had, there was a young boy that died because of heat exhaustion (citation). This once again caused serious concern for the parents. They started to wonder if the Scout Masters and leaders had enough training to detect signs of a heat exhaustion. This tarnished the image of Boys Scouts once again (citation). The method of research conducted was website research, database searches, census data, informal contact, professional institutes and organizations and information provided by the Alligator District Boy Scouts.

Primary Research
The methodology used for primary research was surveys with questionnaires distributed to a nonrandom quota samplings. This methodology was used because the results showed the perception of Boy Scouts in the eyes of the...
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