Box of Crayons

Topics: Family, Woman, Female Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: February 16, 2011
"We are a box o crayons each one of us unique, but when together, the picture is complete". These words by Shane Derolf speak my soul and reflect my life. The personal and academic implications of diversity play a major role in my existence and goals for the future. I am American bron Bengali girl. My parents and my older sister came to America nineteen years ago from Bangladesh. I was born two years , but my birth was not celebration. My parents wanted a son, because i my culture the son of the family inherits property and brings the family name and honor.After me, my mother lost chance of having another child.

While growing up, i faced many difficult moments. I remember when i was six years old, my mother told me that no matter what, she will always consider me her son. I notice my parents are often discriminated by others for not having a son, and i always felt the one to be blamed. I always had this rebellion inside against the male opportunities, in my culture.

Passing through these years, with sad and happy moments, i have grown into a stronger woman, a woman with western thinking, and an outspoken mind. I wanted to change my cultural rules and regulations against females in my country. I wanted to prove that woman can do as much as men.

My parents worry about me because i rejected early marriages, the women's way of life in my country, and being considered a good traditional Bengali girl. My parents always thought ideas, words, will one day go against me, because i am a girl. I believe I am what i am and by having a rich college experience i can establish myself and not rely so much on their philosophy of what a Bengali girl is. I love my family and value my heritage, but i am also trying to strike a blanche between what they want and what i want.

In terms of why i am here after two years, i believe everyone learns in different ways. I know this is true, in my educational experience , i was always in classes who had either strong...
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