Bounty in Sports

Topics: American football, National Football League, Roger Goodell Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Crooked Saints

In todays sports there is no place for bounties. Especially, in American football where the line between a physical play and a play with the intent to end players career is very thin. You can hear these words uttered by just about analyst or average Joe off the street that has an opinion on this situation. Recently after a lengthly investiagation the New Orleans were busted for putting bounties on other players during a game. These acts have an great effect on the pop warner league, high school, and collegiate football. And I agree, players shouldn't be paid bonuses for big hits and having the thought to injure others, So, why are there signs that point to the contrary? Before the Bountygate situation came about, player safety was a hot-button issue for the NFL. The Gregg Williams audio tape of his speech before the 49ers game didn't make things any better. His profanity laced speech included terminology that can be misconstrued in the wrong light. He highlighted some weaknesses and previous injuries that 49er players had. Going after those players with an intent to hurt should not be in any game plan. But people are kidding themselves if a player doesn't hit a player harder to knock him from being 90 percent to being 60 percent. With the exception of targeting an injury, Williams' terminology is not far off from just about any defensive coach on any level: "Kill the head and the body dies." That doesn't mean to decapitate. It's a war metaphor. In lamen terms "Take out the leader and the others will fall." Take out his intent to hurt, and his words could be meant in an entirely different way. But once any financial gain comes into play to injure another player that’s when it is completely wrong. The culture of the NFL has changed you say? Under Roger Goodell, right? He has brought the hammer down and has changed the NFL into hypocrisy that it stands on today. While Roger has been having everyone looking one way, thinking that he is watching out...
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