Botanical Garden

Topics: Botany, Horticulture, Garden design Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Over the duration of this fall, having the privilege of taking a lecture in horticulture liberated me from the category of the naïve who have not been subjected to the science and technology behind plant cultivation. The application of horticulture is enchanting, captivating, and surely a delight; it is an intriguing element of life that that should be appreciated and exploited by all. I’m proud to acknowledge over centuries, the human race has grown to love and cherish the terrain beneath us promoting plant conservation, demonstrating strong ethic toward landscape restoration, and seeing the therapeutic relief and beauty behind it. I initially thought visiting a botanical garden would be daunting, but I came to value its purpose and understood that horticulture is what surrounds us; and in a way is part of us. It was only after visiting The New York Botanical Garden, I realized interpreting text and attending lectures was not substitute for the in-person experience, but only a compliment to it.

It was to no surprise to me, the most diversified domain in the world was home of one of the most extravagant, marvelous bio-diverse gardens. The New York Botanical Garden’s facility has unparalleled intensity in exploring the insight of horticulture and truly believes in developing optimal solutions to meet the issues of environmental challenges; they have a state-of-the-art laboratory and scientists devoted to this mission. They have come as far as sequestering carbon, cooling temperature, cleansing storm water, and more. One of the most interesting programs I learned of was the “Bronx Green-Up”, which is a program that provides assistance to surrounding community gardeners, teaching them the techniques of adding greenery to their homes and other city locations.

While planning my trip to the garden, I was faced with the challenge of who to bring with me. Since my one of my closest friends was available, I decided to bring him along. He, like me, was initially...
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