Topics: United States, American Civil War, Slavery Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: February 23, 2012
USSO Development of the US and People
Professor Kareen Williams
Study aid for the Essay’s on the Midterm Exam.
1. Discuss colonization in general, and explain why was England slow to begin colonization, and what factors finally enabled the English to establish successful colonies? 2. What was the relationship between early Virginia settlers and the Powhatan Indians, and how did Indian policies in the southern colonies eventually laid the basis for forced removal and reservations? 3. How did religion, economic circumstances, and Indian relations shape the founding and the development of the New England colonies? 4. How did the labor system of white indentured servitude work, and why did plantation owners replace it African slavery? Explain how the African slave trade developed? 5. How did the British victory in the Seven Years War ironically become one of the precipitating causes of the American Revolution? What deeply rooted historical factors moved America towards independence from Britain? 6. What were the primary achievements and failures of the US under the Articles of Confederation? What essentially motivated the drive to create a new foundation for government, and how did the constitution reflect the Founder’s central intensions? 7. What were the underlying philosophical and political differences between Hamiltonians Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans? 8. How did the America become embroiled in the turbulent crisis of the Napoleonic Wars, and why did President Madison see war with Britain as essential to maintaining America’s republican experiment? 9. How did Jackson’s policies of westward expansion and Indian removal lead to the “Trail of Tears” to Oklahoma and the Seminole Wars in Florida? 10. What were the central features of slavery, and what was life like for African Americans under slavery (as well as for the small number of free blacks)? 11. What were the effects of the...
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