Sample Test: The American Revolution

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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HIST 121 SAMPLE TEST (Chap. 1-6) revMT

1. One distinctive characteristic of the society of the Iroquois Indians was the A) peaceful nature of their society.
B) unusually high status and importance accorded Iroquois women. C) lack of agriculture.
D) construction of huge and elaborate stone pyramids.

2. The Aztec culture was famous for its
A) ritualized human sacrifice. B) peaceful nature. C) written constitution. D) representative government.

3. A disease that may have originated in the Americas and to which many Europeans had little immunity was A) small pox. B) syphilis. C) measles. D) typhus.

4. England's chief national rival by the late 1500s was
A) Spain. B) Germany. C) Portugal. D) Sweden.

5. Which one of these explorers is INCORRECTLY matched with the primary location of his exploration activity? A) Pizarro-South America B) De Soto-Mississippi River C) Cortes-Florida D) Coronado-midwest and southwest

6. The religious radical who founded Rhode Island was
A) Francis Drake B) Roger Williams C) Martin Luther D) John Concord

7. The indenture system
A) banned slavery. B) insured religious toleration. C) set up the first legislature. D) none of these.

8. In which one of the following colonies was religion LEAST important as a factor in its founding? A) Pennsylvania B) Virginia C) Maryland D) Massachusetts

9. Acquired by the English in the 1660s, New York had once been a colony of the A) French. B) Spanish. C) Dutch. D) Portuguese.

10. Metacom was
A) the king who established Jamestown
B) the king who expelled the Huguenots
C) an Indian leader in Massachusetts
D) last king of the Aztecs

11. African slavery appeared in every English colony in America, but it thrived in those colonies that emphasized A) industrial manufacturing. B) ship building. C) commercial fishing. D) labor-intensive agriculture.

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