Border Patrol

Topics: Cowboy, Ranch, Ranch-style house Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Border Patrol Reform
“Smugglers today are more determined and potentially more violent and destructive than ever. They’ll do almost anything to protect their contraband, avoid being apprehended, and maintain ‘control’ of their trails out of, and back into, Mexico. They’re outwardly hostile toward all U.S. law enforcement and authority, as well as rival ‘gangs’ vying for the routes and contracts with cartels, and anyone else that might ‘get in their way.’ Those of us that live and work in remote smuggling corridors are the most vulnerable. We are confronted with threats, damage & destruction of our property, theft, break-ins, and serious disruption of our necessary ranch work almost daily. Costs to ranch within 50 miles of the U.S./Mexico border are double and sometimes triple what it costs to operate elsewhere. We’re being driven out of business and away from our homesteads. Lethal violence is a daily menace we’re forced to live with, and the senseless murders of our neighbors go unsolved. U.S. federal policies, regulations, and border enforcement strategies are accomplices, while the lost peace, security and freedoms of ranchers and rural residents in the area seem to be ‘written-off’ as ‘collateral damage.’” Gary Thrasher. Many people have virtually no knowledge of the dire situation these citizens face on a day to day basis. Although it won’t be seen on CNN or even MSNBC, stories and testimonies such as the one told by Mr. Thrasher are not uncommon for this area of the country. Numerous ranching families located on the south Texas border live in a war zone where they are defenseless against the cartels, must deal with border patrol agents being unfamiliar with the territory, and now with stricter gun laws soon to be passed through congress, they have become increasingly more vulnerable.

Imagine driving through pastures checking water lines and fence the same as every day before and stumbling across an illegal immigrant transporting drugs and drug...
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