Border Crossing

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Year 11 English Unit 1 Outcome 1 - Reading and Responding Border Crossing (text response essay)
This outcome is to be completed in class in one lesson. It is your responsibility to hand in all work to your teacher at the end of the lesson. You may bring in the following only: * Plastic pocket, dictionary, pens. Paper will be supplied for you. One page of hand-written, single side notes may be brought into the classroom. Length: 600 to 800 words. Date: Week beginning May 13th. * Task: Develop a text response essay, responding to one of the following prompts * You must refer to the text studied in class (Border Crossing), either through references and/or quotes * You will be given the choice of only two of the following prompts on the day of the SAC|

* Border Crossing shows us how difficult it is to escape the consequences of our actions. Discuss. * People like Danny commit crimes because of the unfair society they live in. Do you agree? * “You see the real question is: can people change?” How does Border Crossing answer this question? * Discuss the significance of the title of the novel, Border Crossing.

1. Understanding of ideas, characters and themes.| | | | | | 2. Analysis of structures, features and conventions used to construct meaning.| | | | | | 3. Understanding of ways in which the text is open to different interpretations.| | | | | | 4. Use of appropriate textual evidence and relevant metalanguage.| | | | | | 5. Expressive, fluent and coherent writing..| | | | | | TEACHER COMMENT/TARGET FOR IMPROVEMENT: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OVERALL STANDARD: __________
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