Belonging English Exam Notes

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English exam revision
Exam One
Area Of Study – Belonging.
Creative Writing
Belonging Essay
1. The Immigrant Chronicles- Peter Skrzynecki
Migrant Hostel
* Portrays emotions surrounding the experience of migrants in detainment after their arrival in Australia. THIRD STANZA.
Technique: Simile- capering the migrants to..
Example: “birds of passage” who were “always sensing a change in the weather” Effect: emphasises the absence of a stanle fixed home for the migrants. They feel they do not belong in their current location. They are also “uncertain” about their furutre “track”. Technique: Physical Symbols in the LAST STANZA

Effect: highlights the migrants’ perception of their lack of belonging in their society new society. Example: The physical “barrier” “sealed off the highway/from our doorstep.” Technique: Simile – comparing the barriers rising and falling to create feelings of alienation Example: “a finger pointed in reprimand or shame”

Effect: migrant’s disconnection to the new place and their sense of not belonging. 10 Mary Street
* Talks about when his family moved into their first house in Aust. Away from the migrant camps and his sense of belonging. Technique: Denotation of time in the first line
Example: “For nineteen years”
Effect: suggest that his place great importance on the time spend in this physical location and helps us make a connection with Skrzynecki’s sense of belonging.

Technique: Simile STANZA TWO
Example: “tended rose and camellias/ Like adopted children” Effect: emphasis a beautiful image that shows care with which the parents tend their garden. There is a sense of devotion to this place. Feeling of LOVE, COMFORT and FAMILIARITY. 2. Neighbours- Tim Winton

* Concept of belonging in his short story where young Australian newlywed couple move into a inner city neighbourhood full of migrants Technique: a commutation of adjectives
Example: “the women felt flattered, claustrophobic, grateful, peeved” Effect: this shows not only the young women’s mixed feeling towards the migrants lady making something for her unborn child, but also shows the developing sense of belonging and relationship which is happening in the story. Technique: Motif of the seasons

Example : “as autumn merged into winter” and “by late summer” Effect: This shows the couple enetional sense of alienation and not belonging to feeling more like they belonging as the seasons go by, as they begin to form relationships with their neighbours and share memories. 3. Arrival (factory image)- Shaun Tan

Salient Image- Heavy Machinery (wheels)- Large and Positioned above the people. Effect- the machinery intimating above/over the people who are insignificant in comparison. Juxtaposition- of the machine and the people

Effect- Machines dominate people, people are represented as machines, part of a mechanical process and treated accordingly. Relationship: people have relationship with the machines as a tool of the factory- a part of the production line process.

No opportunities to communicate with their fellow workers.
Place: of industry, sense of belonging- share experience of working but as individuals.

Exam Two
Module A:- Distinctly Visual
1. Sea Change- Deb Cox
Manna From Heaven: Kevin-
Firstly portrayed: frightened, troubled and haunted by the nightmares he is experiencing. Highlighted: scene starts with a close up shot of Kevin Clutching his bes sheet with panicked facial expression as he wakes after seeing a prophetic figure in a dream who told him Example: “you have failed the truth and you must pay the price”. However Kevin forced to clarify his beliefs when he talks to the figure in his dream again, Technique: Downward tilt shot of Kevin completely Naked.

Example: the figure says “Are you prepared for the truth?” LIE THAT HE TOLD THE WHOLE TOWN, THROUGH TELLING THE TRUTH SET FREE OF GUILT. Not Such Great Expectations: Bob & Craig Jelly
Technique: Medium tracking shot Bob...
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