Book vs Tv

Topics: Learning, Television, Entertainment Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Jone Miller
Instructor Mrs Wanda
ENGL 1711, Section 08
07 October 2010
Books vs. TV
Our parents want us to watch less TV and read more Books, because it gives us a gaining knowledge from reducing then watching TV. TV has negative effect on our children and can put pressure how person should look because of the media. They both have different perception of materials. These are the difference between the two sources.

While TV bombards us with a sensorial experience, showing facts as they really were or as imagined mentally constructed by the director, books allow us to use our imagination and picture what is happening and gives us the motor process. It also keeps your mind function and focuses by developing skills, such as writing better improves your concentration and readings. Others may disagree what both sources brings to the table; however, both have the gaining and sharing knowledge and each have its advantage as well as disadvantage. For example, TV help us visual image and do not have to use your brain as much, but gain little knowledge. Books is more useful and provides of development of skill using your imagination to visual an appearance and understand things better to relate what your reading.

In other word if you constantly watch TV it will have effect on your eyes, also possibilities of gaining weight, which is a health concern. For instance, from my experience my vision sights use to be 20/20 until I was introduced to TV. As I sat down like couch potato for me to be entertain, I had paid a valuable price, for it which I have to wear glasses at all time for me to see better. It also has an effect on our children about their self-esteem and how they should look in certain ways. With books they only valuables price we pay is expanding to further our education and career to gain knowledge, but it is hard to do that with TV.

In addition TV can have an effect on your school. For example, it decreases your learning ability and can...
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