Book Review Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

Topics: Bible, God, New Testament Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 12, 2010
The Majesty of God in The Old Testament
A Guide for Preaching and Teaching

In the introduction, Kaiser precisely states his thesis and lays out his methodology. He succinctly states that "in this book, I wish to give God's people new insight into this avenue of thinking and believing by reviewing ten outstanding Old Testament texts that set forth the majesty of our Lord" (p. 9). He accomplishes this in such a way as to provide a guide for preaching and teaching the OT. The methodology he follows throughout consists of (1) presenting an aspect of study that delineates the general appeal of the biblical text under consideration; (2) identifying the topic/focal point of the text; (3) applying the "famous six interrogatives" to the passage; and (4) determining a homiletical key word that yields the sermon proposition. I realize that over the years, there have been several books which have focused on the lives of certain Old Testament characters. These books were basically written for two purposes: biographically to highlight the “heroes” of the OT, or practically to focus on leadership principles that can be gleaned from their examples. However, this approach to the Old Testament is faulty for one glaring reason. The central figure in the Old Testament is not Abraham, Moses, David, or Elijah but rather the GOD of Abraham, Moses, David, and Elijah. Throughout the Old Testament, the character, providence, and work of Almighty God is on display, and it is the majesty of our God that Walter Kaiser points us to in his book. Walt Kaiser led me to realize once again that, in the end, the Scriptures are about the greatness of God. Using passage after passage of the Old Testament, Kaiser reminds us that the real...
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