Book Review for Starbucks Experience

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Book Review

* Summary
* Summary of this book, A Few companies have rallied an employees to participate in a corporate vision that creates a worldwide story of business success. Starbucks has been given access to the Starbucks experience. They are just offering us an in-depth look at every level of the company. * This book is just offering us:

* A rare blend of boardroom strategies,
* Employee motivation tips,
* Community involvement and
* Customer satisfaction-for a full-bodied experience.
I think it is the perfect business model to give our company or any kind of organization to company for success. * And also Starbucks has been one of those companies that completely fascinates us. They are running a lot differently than most companies. Their commitment to their * Customers

* Employees and
* Communities in which they reside is really unparalleled in the business world. * This book gives us some insight. This book`s Author`s 5 principles outlines that the Starbucks leadership team instills in its “PARTNERS” of training and consistent modeling of behaviors management.

* Theoretical Framework/ Citation of articles & Relevance to Service Marketing * Author`s in-depth analysis of the company, Author`s outlines the key leadership principles that might can make a change in work motivation and environs. Under each of those categories, author gives us helpful hints to improve leadership styles. They are: 1) Make it you own-STARBUCKS employees think about customer service in a way that allows each of them to connect with their customers on a personal level. 2) Everything Matters-Paying attention to absolutely every detail gives Starbucks a competitive advantage because it builds intense loyalty among patrons. 3) Surprise and Delight-It is critical to deliver consistent product and service to delight customers. But on top of consistent quality, STARBUCKS employees look for...
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