Book Reflection

Topics: Father, Love, Mother Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Melissa Ramos
February 4, 2012
Period 2
Book Reflection
While many things I’ve read have had an impact on my life, I would like to focus on The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. This work has made me reflect on a variety of points, most notably love, second chances, and friends. I would like to look at each of these areas in turn to show why this has been an important piece of writing in life.

The first thing this book made me reflect on was love. In the Last Song Ronnie has in love with Will. They spend all the summer weeks together even thought Wills mom and ex girl friend attempt to separate them. Not only is the mom and ex girl friend the only ones trying to separate them so is Scott, Wills friend because he has not gone to volleyball practice. When Wills friend Marcus tells Ronnie the secret that Will was responsible for the church fire she is furious and leaves Will but Will didn’t give up he proved to her that he was not responsible. At the end of summer Will had to go to school in Vanderbilt University and has to separate from Ronnie which was very hard for both of them. In the end of the book Will visits Ronnie in New York and stay together.

Ronnie had been angry at her father since for father years since her parents divorced. Her mom finally made her spend a summer at her fathers house in Wilmington. She does not talk to her dad at all they do is argue. Towards the end of the book Ronnie finds out her father has stomach cancer she begins to care for him more and gets more attached to him. Ronnie and her little brother Jonah are very worried for their father. Ronnie begins to talk to her dad more often and gives him a second chance. When her father dies she refuses to go back home.

Back home Ronnie has been hanging out with the wrong crowd. When Ronnie goes to a carnival she meets Blaze and become friends. Blaze then introduces Ronnie to her boyfriend Marcus and the rest of her friends. Marcus tries to flirt with Ronnie and Blaze...
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