Book Discussion: My Sister's Keeper

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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My Sister's Keeper Discussion Questions
Given what you've just seen, which character are you most sympathetic to? Why? Imagine you are the mother: while Kate is dying, you discover that Anna refuses to give Kate the last possible life-saving treatment. How would you react? How would you try to keep your family together? Do you think it is ethical to design and conceive a child that meets specific genetic requirements? If so, is PGD ethical in all cases? (prevent miscarriages, prevent inheritable genetic diseases, sex selection for social reasons, etc) If not, do you believe there should be specific exceptions - such as saving another person's life - or is this just a "slippery slope"? Knowing what you now know about PGD, do you agree with the parent's choice to "design" Anna to save Kate? Is it ethically ok to screen embryos for desired genetic traits, and reject the "undesired" embryos? How does the knowledge that Anna was conceived to save Kate affect Anna's and Kate's perceptions of themselves, and their relationship with each other? For instance, you might consider the following: Will Kate feel guilty knowing that Anna was created to save her life? What if Anna can't save Kate? Will Anna face lifelong psychological damage? Does Anna feel objectified as a "spare parts baby"? Does Kate feel objectified as a sick person? Do you think the parents went too far in their concern for Kate by making Anna a savior for Kate? When is it too far to save one child by using the body of another? By taking umbilical cord blood? Bone marrow transplants? Kidney donation? After Anna has spoken up in opposition to any further use of her body? Recall the physician in the movie who recommended PGD, an ethically questionable procedure, "off the record." If you were a physician, would you recommend PGD to a couple in a similar situation?
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