How Would You Explain Annas Mental and Spiritual Unravelling? What Are the Pivota Experiences Leading Up to Her Breakdown and Eventual Rebirth?

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Year of Wonders, Geraldin Brooks
“How would you explain Anna’s mental and spiritual unravelling? What are the pivotal experiences leading up to her breakdown and her eventual rebirth” Geraldin Brooks depicts a community caught in extraordinary times in her historical novel ‘Year Of Wonders’ which is set in the plague town Eyam in 1666-1667. As the plague hits the town, it not only killed more than half the town but the catastrophic event lead to a traumatic and tragedy journey for all throughout those dark years, namely for Anna. Anna Frith, an eighteen year old widow, is the heroin and protagonist of the story. Her journey is expressed through the narrator of the story, from a young 15 year old getting abused from her father and into a young woman, with a deceased husband(Sam) and two children, serving as a servant in the rector, however that was the least of her changes. Anna’s mental unravelling began when the plague hit her two sons and crush Mr Vicars, and they both die and the loss of her image of the rector and his wife. When Mr.Viccars, a tailor from London arrived at Anna’s, despite being shocked, she welcomed him to her house with open arms. Upon the arrival of George Viccars, when he entered the soulless and gloomy cottage of Anna, he “brought the wide world with him”. George brought “joy and laughter back in the house”, which wasn’t the case since Sam’s death. Anna began to develop feelings for George; however she didn’t know he was trying to win Anna’s heart until after his death when Any’s told her. When Mr.Viccars suddenly died from the result of the fast sweeping plague, brought in by the new pieces of fabric delivered from London to the tailor, and then followed by her two dear babes, it changed her life. From having lost her husband as well, Sam Frith, during an unfortunate mining accident a while before the plague hit, Anna hits some lows mentally and she becomes quiet lonely at times which even influenced her to steal from Mrs Mompellion...
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