Bolshevik Consolidation of Power 19-17-1924

Topics: Russian Civil War, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 4 (1556 words) Published: May 26, 2013
From the initial seizure of power in 1917 until 1924, the Bolsheviks were confronted with a series of crises that threatened their ability to control and govern in Russia. The response and resolutions to these crises included Initial Reforms, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Civil War, Red terror, War Communism and the NEP. Under the leadership of Lenin, the execution of these responses were made possible and the Bolsheviks were able to maintain and expand their power. The Civil War however was the direct consequence of the Bolshevik’s actions as they tried to maintain their grasp on power. The victory in the Civil War was extremely pivotal for the Bolshevik consolidation of power as it brought control and power but more importantly it eliminated the possibility of Bolshevik collapse in Russia. The Civil war was the most essential and crucial aspect for the Bolshevik consolidation of power as it potentially provided major control over most of Russian territories in victory but also the ability to eradicate the Bolshevik government from Russia in defeat. The Civil war lasted three years from 1918-1921. It divided Russia up into factions each fighting for survival or for their own agenda. The Bolsheviks were confronted with a number of enemies externally and internally as well. Opposition to the Bolsheviks included political groups (mainly Social Revolutionaries), monarchists, liberals, Czech legions and Allied intervention force who were collectively known as the whites. The Bolshevik known as the reds were faced with absolute danger as they were surrounded and outnumbered by the whites. The whites initially had an army size of approximately 2.4 million with an extra 250,000 Allied forces whereas the newly created red army had only 300,000. The Bolsheviks won the war which ultimately granted them absolute power and control in most Russian territories as there was no longer opposition left to challenge their authority. Although the victory brought power and control it...
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