How Did the Bolsheviks Survive the Early Days?

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Bolshevik Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Lily Jayne Senner
How did the Bolsheviks Survive the early days?

After the October Coup in 1917, the Bolshevik’s power as the government of Russia was not completely solidified. This was mainly due to the vast opposition that the Bolsheviks experienced from all over Russia along with other pressing issues such as food shortages, an exhausting war, and a crippled economy. Yet the Bolsheviks not only survived the early day‘s of empowerment but went on to rule Russia for the next 70 years. This essay will examine the factors that allowed the Bolsheviks to have such a sweeping success in ruling Russia. A key factor that allowed Lenin and his party to dominate Russia was how the power was distributed throughout the government. The Bolsheviks created a system that took the form of a ‘pyramid of power’ this meant that the decisions and power sifted through all the political parties involved in the government finally leading up to the central committee; which was subjugated by the Bolsheviks. This meant that no matter what anyone else wanted if the Bolsheviks didn’t want to pass or agree with something, they didn’t have to; resulting in an extremely de facto government. The reason the Bolsheviks created this system how it was, is down to Lenin’s avid disbelief in democracy, Lenin favoured his ideal of democratic centralism, which invariable meant that he was in command and this ‘pyramid of power’ system suited Lenin’s desires. The fact that nobody else had such control of the government would have made it difficult for any change as they couldn’t get any alternative in the public domain as the Bolshevik system wouldn’t allow it, therefore any opposition that did exist wouldn’t be able to express their opinions and so the Bolsheviks were in a pretty secure position, thus able to survive the early days. The Bolsheviks secure position as government was aided by the expulsion and banning of other political parties. This meant that all the authorities...
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