Bologna Process in the Context of Sustainable Development.

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Institute of international relations, international information Tkachenko Valeria
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Bologna process in the context of sustainable development.
Modern societies are currently facing the consequences of a global financial and economic crisis. In order to bring about sustainable economic recovery and development,a dynamic and flexible European higher educations will strive for innovation on the basis of the integration between education and research at all levels. This is obvious that higher education has a key role to play if we are to meet successfully the challenges we encounter and if we are to promote the cultural and social development of societies. Therefore in the 2005 the European Education Ministers declared to strengthen their course in bringing about a common higher education area building upon the principle of sustainable development. The involved participants agreed that European higher education institutions carry a joint responsibility to find the best answers to present and future social challenges on a national, regional, and international scale. Many of the goals brought forth in the Bologna Process, especially with regard to the European qualification framework, form a solid foundation for strengthening the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within the national higher education Bologna process in the context of sustainable and academic disciplines. Bologna or Bologna reform (Bologna process) - is an intergovernmental European reform, which aims to create a European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The fundamental principles of this space is recognition of educational degrees and qualifications, transparency (clarity of diplomas and degrees through the creation of a joint three-level structure of education) and European cooperation in quality assurance of education. The reform aims to harmonize the common principles and results of educational services, and improve...
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