Bolman and Deal

Topics: Enron scandal, Political party, Company Pages: 5 (1904 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Nur Aiysha Ghazali
ENGM 264
Paper #1-Bolman & Deal

Bolman and Deal discuss about for frames; structural, human resource, political and symbolic. Each frame has its own characteristics, where and how the situation is applied in organization. A leader or authority of companies sometimes would apply these frames in their organization in order to tackle their employees. However, I will only discuss about 3 frames that most gave the impact to me when I read this book.

The first frame that is valuable is human resources. The human resource frame talks about how organizations and people do to and for one another. Family is the suitable metaphor for organization to describe the situation. The example given in the book was about three Nucor Corp electricians who flew and drove to Arkansas and spent 24 hours to fix the failed electric grid. This example shows that they do not need their boss to tell them to go and fix it. As soon as they heard the bad news, they promptly caught a flight and arrived there even though it was already past midnight. That action deserves some compliments-; if it happened to me, I would rather have a good sleep first and then we will see tomorrow how we are going to deal with that. The weird thing is, on what basis they made such a sacrifice for their company? This is how the human resource frame applies. Their company invests in their employees’ workforce in order to maintain their success. The Nucor Corp pays big bonuses to their employees based on their output and company’s success, thus to catch a flight to Arkansas is just a piece of cake, considering the big gain they would get. Pareto Principle stated that 80% of the profit is made by 20% of the effective employees of an organization. What Nucor Corp did was to make the 20% effective employees stay to work for them and they will only stay if the work they did worth the money they will get.

However, not all companies behave just like Nucor does. “The Company Men” movie is a good example of how opposite they are from Nucor. The GTX authority chose to spend the money on new building and new executive offices instead of their employees. They fired their employees, including Bobby (Ben Affleck) who has quite a position in the company. Business still is all that matters to them, not charity. The human resource frame was not applied in this movie. The human resource frame in a company applies when the authority shows appreciation towards their employee, not just giving them paycheck, but keeping their job also shows gratitude from the company. The fired employees only have one of these skills: business, administration or secretariat. Just imagine how they could survive in the real world competition and what’s worse their age usually makes it harder to apply for jobs where thousands of fresh graduates can do the same thing. Watching this movie, I have realized that my decision to take Engineering Management as a minor is a good decision. I may graduate with Mechanical Engineering degree, but who knows there might be conflict later in my life, and the minor would actually help me get a job again. If the company that I work with does not apply human resource frame, just like the GTX, it is not a bad idea to have few different skills to survive in this concrete jungle. If I get fired in my forties, by then it should be okay to start doing consulting job, as I have gained many experiences from my previous work before. Backup plan is essential to avoid being a jobless. If someday I have the chance to have my own company, I would try my best to apply human resource in the management, such as scholarship for the employees’ children in order to improve the mutual relationship between the authority and employees.

The second frame is political frame. The political frame sees an organization as a jungle — an arena of enduring differences, scarce resources, power negotiations and...
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