Body Fat and Eating Disorders

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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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Body Fat and Eating Disorders
Ann Johnson
Clayton Wilson
July 22, 2012
(Axia) University of Phoenix

Eating disorders and weight loss has been always a challenge in the United States. Psychologist has been trying to motivate and encouraging people to lose weight. Focusing on the dangerous methods that can be harmful, such as anorexics nervosas and bulimia, which lead to many eating disorders, which causes the bodies into a dimorphic disorders, into conditions that a one become obsessive with the body which shows a body defect. It has been an epidemic in the media and in the societies where it has an on-going conception of being beautiful, which can have an effect on the body images. The large amount of body fats has provided energy, insulations, organs protection and maintaining of the body function. There will be a struggle beginning by a one taking in too much calories that is used and are compound with the substance of the supply of food which cause the bodies to have excessive fats. The Circumstance can be disruptive with regular functioning, such as having stresses or lack of sleepiness, in addition to the problems, which causes a level of hormones, which becomes very high or very low, encouraging cells to retain fat. Hormonal imbalance can cause body fat that lead to obesities. Estrogens or cortisol has a level of becoming very high; they cause the bodies to hold onto fats. A lot of process food, which includes the high level of estrogens that will be disruptive to the normal body function. The lack of nutrient will causing bodies to produced extra hormone. The body does not get enough of calcium, which the hormone calcitrol, which causes the body to hold onto fat, is released. ( Anorexia can threaten a person’s life, eating disorders that have effects on many people of all race, income, nationality, and gender. Starving self in an extremes manner, and having lost weight in an obsessive way, where the food that is consume by people...
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