A Critique on the Thesis

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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A Critique on the Thesis:
Shirley, C.C.S. (2004) The Relationship among Eating Attitudes, Slimming Behaviors and Perfectionism in a Non-Clinical Population, Hong Kong University e-theses data base

This paper is to critique a thesis titled The Relationship among Eating Attitudes, Slimming Behaviors and Perfectionism in a Non-Clinical Population by Shirley, C.C.S. (2004).This thesis can be found on the database of Hong Kong University. This report mentions the slimming pheromone in Hong Kong, and wants to find out whether those behaviors will develop into illness. And the introduction, literature review, objective, methods will be critiqued in this report. Introduction

The research problem statement highlighted three main components: ‘Eating attitudes, Slimming Behaviors and Perfectionism’. The paper will investigate in the attitudes and behaviors effect on slimming. Although the title mentions the target group is the Non-clinical population, the target group is not state clear enough, the clearer target group is mentioned in the questionnaire only, who are female and above 16 years old are this research target. Also, it is found that the topic of this research is not relevant with the information in the literature review which will discuss in the following part. Literature Review

In the literature review, five main concepts are included, which are overview of eating disorder, body, dissatisfaction and eating disorders, slimming behaviors and their relations with body dissatisfaction and eating disorders and perfectionism and slimming behaviors. For literature review, all definitions of the examined terms in this research should be included to let the reader have a better understanding to the title. In this paper, the literature reviews define all the words to let the readers have a very clear concept to the topic. Although the researcher have addressed all the terms of the topic, conceptual and operational definitions are discus together. The researcher...
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