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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Body Composition
Sonjia Johnson
University of Phoenix

When we talk about body composition, what is it really and what does it have to do with our bodies? Body composition is the body’s relative amount of fat to fat free mass. People with optimal body composition are typically healthier and they general feel better than those with less than ideal body composition. Body composition is divided into two separate types of mass fat-free mass which is comprised of all the body’s non fat tissues and body fat, fat free mass includes bone, water, muscle, and tissues. Our body fat includes essential fats, such as lipids, and nonessential body fats, these fats make up around five percent of total body weight for men and up to 12 percent for women. Nonessential fat is found mainly within fat cells and adipose tissue, below the skin and surrounding major organs. The amount of nonessential fat stored in the body is variable among individuals on factors such as gender and age and diet. Having a high percentage of body fat can have a negative effect on your overall health; excess fat has been linked to a lot of health problems such as a high risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When you have excess fat surrounding your internal organs, it can damage your health and contribute to serious medical condition such as liver disease.

Having and eating disorder like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating can cause all types of health issues. Here are a couple of health issues that can occur, Irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, death, kidney damage, renal failure, death ,loss of muscle mass. Permanent loss of bone mass; fractures and lifelong problems caused by fragile bones and joints, osteoporosis, and dowager's hump, destruction of teeth, rupture of esophagus, damage to lining of stomach; gastritis, gastric...