Boarding Schools

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Boarding schools, by definition, refer to the schools where the students study and live during the school year with their fellow classmates and teachers. I believe the students living in school, to a large extent; do have some unique advantages that prevail over those students living at home.

Academically, studying in boarding school is of great help to boost the results of learning. Specifically, the students who study in boarding schools are, by nature, given more opportunities to access teaching resources, for instance, receiving immediate help from his teachers, discuss with his classmates, or consult books in the school library when they meet some tough academic problems. Moreover, there is less distraction among boarding school students while the students who live at home are confronted with many temptations, such as interesting television programs or exciting video games, which distract them from study. It seems that the great learning atmosphere of boarding school can ensure the students to learn effectively and efficiently.

Socially, boarding schools are fabulous way to prepare students for their adult life. To the young students, it is essential that developing to be a qualified social members. Living in school gives the students approach to contact a host of peers of different backgrounds and in order to live in harmony, they have no alternative but to compromise some of their individual habits and customs, which may offend others. Furthermore, they will recognize the importance of cooperating with others and assisting each other in order to address some difficult problems. Also, they are less likely to be influenced by some bad teenagers who always linger on streets. During that campus lives, the students will learn how to respect and share different values, how to deal with various conflicts, how to care about others without offense and above all how to live independently without helps of parents.

Overall, I believe that going to boarding...
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