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Natural Experience Case Study

Consultant Briefing


You have been selected as the business consultant for Natural Experience – a private Singapore company

The company needs to decide whether it will be worthwhile opening a Natural Experience Café in United Arab Emirates.

You have been asked to do some research and develop a feasibility report for client who is the Managing Director of Natural Experience.

Your feasibility report (total of 70 Marks) must provide the client with (see marking guide for exact details):

• An Introduction of the feasibility report (7 Marks).
• A SWOT analysis of the existing business (8 Marks).
• A competitor analysis, identifying existing competitors on the gulf country (6 Marks.) • A PESTEL analysis of your gulf country (same as for APRI) that is relevant to the business (12 Marks). • A summary of 5 key Business Risks, and how the risks may be addressed (10 Marks). • A summary of the 5 main advantages of implementing this expansion plan (10 Marks) • A conclusion which includes recommendations as to whether Natural Experience should enter your gulf country or not and reasons for the recommendations (7 marks).

Background To The Case Study

Natural Experience Pty Ltd is a private company that started in Singapore in 2001.

It was founded by a husband and wife team, Lee and Mas Ling. They had a dream of setting up a café where customers could experience organically grown food in regular dishes. They wanted to give local diners the opportunity to enjoy some western dishes and for tourists to sample some traditional dishes from Singapore.

They did their own market research and found that food outlets offering organic food mainly served vegetarian dishes. They also found that many organic outlets were more like health food shops than cafes or restaurants. The traditional organic food outlets had dishes that normal customers could not recognise or might be considered by them as ‘exotic’ tastes and combinations. They thought that far too much emphasis was being placed on ‘goats cheese’, ‘soy milks’, ‘tofu’ and ‘pesto’. They thought that people should be able to eat organic ‘normal food’.

They came up with the concept of the ‘Organic Experience’ – a café that served a menu of high quality organically grown ‘regular’ food and beverages served in a ‘green friendly’ environment.

They designed a simple logo and tag line ……

Excite Your Taste Buds With
An Organic Experience

Their market research indicated the profile of the person who was most likely to be their ideal customer. This became their target market.

The ideal customer had the following characteristics:

30-45 years old

Married with children

In a Professional, Self Employed or Management occupation

Active lifestyle

Concerned about maintaining good health and fitness

Concerned about the environment

Their market research also indicated that people in their target market did not go to fast food family restaurants on a regular basis, but rather they tended to go to lunch or dinner as a special occasion, on average, once every 2 weeks.

Lee and Mas opened the first Organic Experience at Changi Village on Chinese New Year in 2001.

The first café seated 25 people and were served by a staff of 6 people plus the manager. The launch of the first café was not an instant success but through consistent marketing and word-of-mouth, Organic Experience achieved a modest profit in its first year.

By the second year Organic Experience was operating 6 days a week...
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