Topics: Liberal arts, Higher education, College Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Anthony Gayton
English 101.100
Professor Johnson
Critical Evaluation
Obtaining a Liberal Arts degree
The Liberal Arts is an essay written by Sanford J. Unger describing the many misapprehensions of pursuing a liberal arts degree. Obtaining liberal arts is never a bad idea; as a matter of fact getting that type of degree can open up many opportunities for you and should be proud of it. Sanford attempts to draw all students to go to get an education for liberal arts. Unger feels it’s a degree for everyone, which might not be a pleasant idea but mentioning in his essay he did convince great points but he fails to say not everyone is meant to pursue a liberal arts degree or about the students don’t go to college but still can be educated differently and still earn a high income.

Not everyone is meant for school or not everyone is school smart. The different kinds of levels of intelligence can vary which Unger fails to mention in his essay. A student can be a professional in building bridges and can be horrible in typing papers.. A student can be obsessed with working out and has a great knowledge with dieting and taking the right supplements can go to exercise science. Unger makes it seem like students that have these specialties and interests are not as important as someone who is pursuing a liberal arts degree. Without these people having different types of interests, we would not be having phenomenal stable bridges that our engineers build. Or else we would have no one else to build them. With that being said; everyone is meant to do whatever they want and to do whatever they are good at and not be forced just to study a liberal arts degree.

When it comes times paying for college, everyone’s worried about how they’re going to pay it off and attempt to obtain as many scholarships as possible, worse case getting a loan. Not every student succeeds well in high school to obtain scholarships, or qualifies for grants. Worse case getting a loan...
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