Bluffing: Grizzly Bear and Best All-around Story

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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“Bluffing” The Best All-around Story By Gail Helgason Yuke Lu What is the most terrifying things that you have ever seen in your life; what you are going to do with that; and if you are with your partner what you may do… “Bluffing” is a really fabulous story written by Gail Helgason and telling us a story about a relationship between Gabriella and Liam. They live together as a couple. Gabriella is a Biology teacher whereas Liam is a Mountain climber. The reason that I say this story is the best all-around is because this has the most interesting settings at the beginning, the attractive plots, the use of flashback and foreshadowing. First, this story has an interesting setting at the beginning to catch the readers’ attention which starts with Gabriella rushing towards Jasper hospital on a cold winter day. This starting part send a tension and stress feeling to readers and make me feel like standing in the extremely cold and waiting for something going to happen even though I don’t what is that. Then another attractively visual setting is when they were in the park. It was a beautiful day for the hike. Liam told her that they should have the lake all to themselves. Halfway through the lake, they rested on a wooden log. Suddenly they heard someone laughing and then soon saw two young men approaching the lake. Liam confronted the men and lied to them about seeing an elk carcass by the lake indicating the presence of a grizzly bear at the lake. This scared the pants off the men and they turned back. As soon as they were out of sight, Gabriella and Liam continued on towards the lake. This part is my favourite because of the description of how they were running. I can experience the breathe of Gabriella when they were running and nervous atmosphere. Second, this story uses flashback device to build suspense such as at the hospital, she is asked to sit down and wait for a while. While

sitting on a couch she thinks of the incident that happened three weeks ago which...
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