The Theme of Red Riding Hood

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Typography, Big Bad Wolf Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: June 24, 2011

The Theme of Little Red Riding Hood

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In life, everyone can remember a time when he or she was so innocently put themselves in harm’s way, like the girl in “Little Red Riding Hood”. The little girl was delivering a basket of goods to her ill

grandmother while on the way to her grandmother’s house coming into contact with a big bad wolf. The theme of the story in my opinion conveyed the suspense of keeping the reader wondering what is going to happen next and danger. In this paper I will explore the theme of the story (suspense, danger) and the two literary elements (tone, setting) on 3

how they relate and disagree to one another.

3. Good thesis. [Elizabeth Summerlin (TA)]

The theme of suspense and danger is obvious in this particular story. I will give you some examples of suspense and danger that comes directly from the story. The suspense of the story is that while reading it, I always had in my mind what is going to happen next. Basically it kept


the readers mind at interest on why is the wolf speaking to the little girl, why is he going to grandmothers house, if he has eaten the grandmother what is he going to do to the little girl, etc.


1. readers possessive: reader's [Elizabeth Summerlin (TA)]

The danger of the story is that she is putting herself in harm’s way without even knowing it and here is how. While talking to the wolf he told him where she was going. Now, it may have been harmless to her but the wolf had other things in mind. This story can be seen...
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