Blues Music

Topics: Blues, Jazz, Folk music Pages: 11 (4307 words) Published: July 25, 2012
A Study of History, Forms, and
Influence of Blues Music
John Elmer C. Bayangos
Communication 2
Professor Cynthia S. Sanguyu
March 29, 2012

This study describes how important the blues is as a type or genre of music It aims to discuss the origin of blues music and how it evolved through time. It also intends to identify, enumerate, and evaluate the differences of each forms of blues music. It will show why and how the blues affects the formation of different genres of music. And it aims to identify what is the influence of blues music on our generation today. Different books, journals, and articles are the primary sources in determining these objectives. Blues is the foundation of nearly all the most popular styles of music listened to today. The blues isn’t just about the blues. Jazz, rock, country, soul, R&B, funk, and even hip-hop all descended from, developed out of, and were influenced by the blues. The blues has served as the backbone of all these styles and probably for many styles yet to come.

I. Significance of the Study
This study describes how important the blues is as a type or genre of music. Virtually all modern music in today’s generation owes a profound debt to the American black man. If not for the soul and expression imported from Africa there would be no blues, no soul and no jazz – and hence no R’B, no rock and roll, no rap, no hip hop and no funk. If not for the plaintive laments of black slaves working in cotton plantation in the Mississippi, people would probably all still be singing polkas and hillbilly ballads today. People would have limited songs to play and sing if the blues was not born. This study benefits the people who love listening to music because this study discusses how blues music affects the formation of almost all of the genres we are listening today. Music teachers and students would significantly benefit from this study. This study is helpful for the amateur and professional musicians out there who lack knowledge about the origin of different genres they play today. Through this research, they can open their doors to develop more their knowledge, theory, and practice of blues playing that will help them develop their skills and imaginations to become better music players. It would lead them to an advantageous realization of how they can use these theories to further improve their musicality. And since music is widely spread throughout the world and can easily influence people, this study is also beneficial to people out there who listen to any of its kind. Music can extensively affect the mood, behavior, and values of people.

II. Background of the Study
The researcher chose this topic because he has been a guitar player for almost seven years. Anyone interested in present music sooner or later asks the question, "Where did it start?" Well, if people place blues songs played with a guitar out of the picture, they will not have a very interesting answer.

As a guitar enthusiast, the researcher always wants to acquire more knowledge and develop his playing skills on different genres of music. He keeps on studying genres like gospel, rock, jazz, classical, acoustic, country, funk, and alternative. But the most remarkable in his playing is blues because in this form of music, he can find his comfort zone and it gives him an exclusive effect on his feelings and imagination that would surely help him to become a better musician. That is why the researcher has chosen this subject to be the focus of his research paper. He wants to discover and evaluate the history, forms, and influence of the blues music, and find out what are the external factors that shape its evolution through time. III. Statement of the Problem

Blues music, which began as the primary artistic expression of a culture, has three different forms such as country, jazz, and rock blues; this genre of music influenced the current generation through giving...
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