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General Discussion

a. Create a "measurement matrix" in Excel that identifies, categorizes, and ranks as many relevant performance measurements as you think are important to your chosen company's business strategy.

b. Write a one- to two-paragraph summary of why you think these are the important measurement criteria and why you've ranked them in the order you have. Categries| Rank|
Quality| 1 - High Prority|
People| 2- Medium Priority|
Safety| 3 - Low Priority|
Growth|  |

Measurement| Category| Rank/Priority|
Employee Satisfaction| People| 1|
Workplace Safety/Injury incidence| Safety| 1|
Number of current patents| Growth| 2|
Medications in the pipeline| Growth| 1|
Excess Medications in warehouse| Growth| 1|
Employee Attrition rate| People| 1|
FDA Approvals for indications| Growth| 1|
FDA denials for indications| Growth| 1|
Sales| Growth| 1|
Customer feedback| Quality| 1|
Effectiveness of treatments| Quality| 1|
Sustained customer base (%loyal customers)| Quality| 1|
Waste of supplies| Quality| 1|
Research & Development products| Growth| 1|
% of market share| Growth| 1|
% of staff Qualitifcations completed| Safety| 1|
Successful regulatory surveys| Quality| 1|
Net income| Growth| 1|
Revenue| Growth| 1|
Ranking in industry| Growth| 1|
Litigation volume| Growth| 2|
Project timelines for product development| Growth| 1|
Timeline for drug manufacturing| Growth| 1|
Operating Margin| Growth| 1|
Workman Compensation cases opened/closed| Safety| 1|

Identification of metrics is a fundamental component of measuring the effectiveness of a business plan or a strategic plan. Metrics help organizations understand the current business climate, the competitive positioning and assists in planning. I did not realize the level of difficulty in the selection of metric until thinking about which...
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