Blue Eye Technology

Topics: Computer, Saccade, Speech recognition Pages: 10 (3467 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Imagine yourself in a world where humans interact with computers. You are sitting in front of your personal computer that can listen, talk, or even scream aloud. It has the ability to gather information about you and interact with you through special techniques like facial recognition, speech recognition, etc. It can even understand your emotions at the touch of the mouse. It verifies your identity, feels your presents, and starts interacting with you .You asks the computer to dial to your friend at his office. It realizes the urgency of the situation through the mouse, dials your friend at his office, and establishes a connection. Initiative to make this happen: the Blue Eyes research project currently being implemented by the center’s user systems ergonomic research group (User). Blue Eyes seeks attentive computation by integrating perceptual abilities to computers wherein non-obtrusive sensing technology, such as video cameras and microphones, are used to identify and observe your actions. As you walk by the computer screen, for example, the camera would immediately "sense" your presence and automatically turn on room lights, the television, or radio while popping up your favorite Internet website on the display. Part of this project is not only teaching computers how to sense or perceive user action. They are also being programmed to know how users feel--depressed, ecstatic, bored, amused, or anxious--and make a corresponding response. Computers can, on their own, play a funny Flash animation feature to entertain its "master" if it notices a sad look on his or her face. Or sound capabilities can also be integrated, with the computer "talking" to his user about the task at hand or simply acknowledging a command with a respectful, "yes, sir."In these cases, the computer extracts key information, such as where the user is looking, what he or she is saying or gesturing or how the subject’s emotions are evident with a grip on the pointing device. In these cases, the computer extracts key information, such as where the user is looking, what he or she is saying or gesturing or how the subject’s emotions are evident with a grip on the pointing device. These cues are analyzed to determine the user’s physical, emotional, or informational state, which can be used to increase productivity. This is done by performing expected actions or by providing expected information. Now let’s evaluate the human cognition mechanism. Human cognition depends primarily on the ability to perceive, interpret, and integrate audio-visuals and sensoring information. Adding extraordinary perceptual abilities to computers would enable computers to work together with human beings as intimate partners. Researchers are attemptingto add more capabilities to computers that will allow them to interact like humans, recognize human presents, talk, listen, or even guess their feelings. The Blue Eyes technology aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings. It uses non-obtrusive sensing method, employing most modern video cameras and microphones to identify the users’ actions through the use of imparted sensory abilities. The machine can understand what a user wants, where he is looking at, and even realize his physical or emotional states. For a long time emotions have been kept out of the deliberate tools of science; scientists have expressed emotion, but no tools could sense and respond to their affective information. This paper highlights research aimed at giving computers the ability to comfortably sense, recognize and respond to the human communication of emotion, especially affective states such as frustration, confusion, interest, distress, anger and joy. Two main themes of sensing—self–report and concurrent expression—are described, together with examples of systems that give users new ways to communicate emotions to computers and, through computers, to other people. In addition...
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