Blood Typing

Topics: Blood, Red blood cell, ABO blood group system Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: May 12, 2008
Biology Lab
All blood contains red blood cells whose main job is to carry oxygen throughout the body. Red blood cells make up almost 50% of the total blood volume. They are produced in our bone marrow and not only transport oxygen, but they take away CO2 and other wastes.

Our blood also contains white blood cells which make up only about 1% of our total blood volume. Like the red blood cells, the white also are produced by our bone marrow. Our white blood cells are the first response of our immune system. They seek-out, identify, and destroy unwanted materials like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our blood also contains cell fragments called platelets. Platelets release blood clotting chemicals at the site of wounds. They also can release coagulating chemicals which cause clots to form in the blood.

Along with red/white blood cells and platelets, our blood also consists of a relatively clear liquid called plasma. The plasma in our blood is what keeps it in the form of a liquid. It carries minerals, hormones, and other nutrients throughout the bloodstream. Around 55% of our blood’s total volume is plasma.

Our blood is determined by the type of antibodies and antigens in which we have. Antigens are foreign objects admitted into our bodies, like a virus, bacteria, or parasite. The antibodies are chemicals produced in response to the antigens. Each antibody is specific to its own antigen.

If someone has both antibodies A and B, they contain no antigens and have blood type “O”. If someone has antibody-B, they contain antigen-A, and have blood type “A”. If someone has antibody-A they contain antigen-B, and have blood type “B”. If someone has neither Antibody-A or B then they contain no antigens and they have blood type “AB”.

If someone was to receive the wrong blood type at the hospital the antigens from the person’s blood will be attacked by the antibodies in the new blood resulting in extreme illness and even death. Blood type “O” is the...
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