Blood Diamond Outline

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Blood Diamonds outline
i. Title (critical analysis of Blood diamonds)
a. Blood diamonds refers how the collection of diamonds are possessed from rebels who murder and enslave their own innocent people to mine the diamonds in Sierra Leone. The diamonds are later sold illegally for ammunition for the rebel known as RUF. The title of relates to the film by the presenting how corrupt businesses and leaders use their powers to excavate diamonds from a country’s ongoing civil war and only escalate the violence by financing the rebels. ii. The film begins by explaining the setting of the civil war: “Civil war rages for control of the diamond fields. Thousands have died and millions have become refugees. None of whom has never seen a diamond.” Then the scene changes to father awakening his child to go to school. The father shows so much affection and determination for his son to go to school and to have a career as a doctor. iii. The motifs that are repeated

i. Corrupt politicians greed for diamonds.
ii. RUF manipulation of children to become future soldiers. iii. The lack of foreign intervention for the homeland. iv. The several acts of crime of humanity that the Africans have to deal with. iv. The four important sequences in the movie are

b. Solomon Vandy’s love for his family in the beginning of the movie. c. Andy’s conversation of his justification for purchasing and selling diamonds and why the US really can’t intervene. d. Andy discusses how the businesses use corrupt methods in order sell and maintain the lust for blood diamonds. e. The final scene in which politicians finally agree for to peace resolution and universal attention of Sierra Leone. v. How does the film use color-

vi. Perspective- the films uses several scenes to display the cruelty of the RUFs actions to obtain future soldiers and conquer cities. f. Solomon’s villages is attacked by RUF and his...
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