Blood Diamond

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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The film Blood Diamond directed by Edward Zwick, we see three important ideas. The ideas are the child exploitation in countries that are struggling, the importance of family through hard times and the destructive nature of wealth and greed and what it can do to people. These are all portrayed in the film but can be easily related back to real life.

The children in the film Blood Diamond are constantly being exploited, from the young ages of only 8 and up they are taken, abducted from family and trained into being human killing machines in Sierra Leone. The destructiveness that they are subjected to is diabolical and the brainwashing, the drug and alcohol use that they are made to be involved in gives these young, previously innocent children very little hope of getting out of such hardship. Although this film has many ideas throughout it we are constantly reminded that this film, ultimately, is about children. The film is about how they exploited and brainwashed, an insight into what happens in our “God forsaken world.” The soundtrack used by Zwick is a clever technique. The soundtrack that is used contains young African children signing in African dialect and is used to subliminally get through to us that children is the main focus of this movie. I believe that the exploitation of children is completely disgusting, every child in the world is entitled to innocence, love and family. No one should be allowed to steal that right from these poor children. The hard rehabilitation process that we see in the novel Long Way Gone is a good example of this. We see that it is a hard, long road to recovery and sometimes we see that these children never recover, they end up messed for life or even worse, killed.

The second idea that is important in the film is the importance of family. This is ultimately all that Solomon is looking for in the film. It is his love for his family that makes him tell Danny where the diamond is and trip across the country to find it. We...
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