Blood Desiares

Topics: Agriculture, Management, Agricultural economics Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: March 19, 2013
p working on a farm in Fulton, Illinois. In 2007, he graduated from Dordt College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for the US government for 4 years before becoming an intern at ECHO. Since finishing his internship, he has become the Appropriate Technologies Specialist at ECHO. Brad Ward joined the staff at ECHO in September 2012 as an Agriculture Technical Consultant after spending the previous six years in Honduras. There he, his wife and their two daughters worked closely with local subsistence farm families and also managed a diverse farm that helps support a mission hospital and children’s home. He grew up in rural Oregon where he raised sheep and participated in 4-H and FFA. He attended Judson Baptist College. Brad’s professional background was in finance and small business management. Phil Reasons spent 40 years in the farmlands of the mid-west where he gained animal husbandry and agriculture experience ranging from small organic gardening to large scale cattle and row crop production. He has a broad range of experience developing and managing both non-profit and for-profit organizations including Horizon Youth Ranch and Development for the Peace. In 1985, he founded PAR Construction Company, focusing on educating clients on innovative and alternative building products and methods. Phil’s efforts have taken him around world, working with local communities to develop sustainable food production. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Morning Star Fisherman. Danny Blank worked at ECHO, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, 1994 through 2009, primarily as its farm manager. The last two years he pursued master
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