Harry Chapin Food Bank

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Harry Chapin Food Bank
The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida is a non-profitable organization which is also known as the Lee County Food Cooperative. The main responsibility of the organization was to distribute many food products that were held by the federal government to all families and individuals in need. Their mission was to overcome hunger throughout the counties of Southwest Florida. Throughout this essay I will get more into debt about the history and people behind this organization, the functions, and how people can join and help others through this voluntary work. In the late 1970’s was when hunger started becoming an issue in the United States. The man behind all this work was Harry Chapin himself. Harry was best known as a folk or rock performer, and it was with the raised money from his performances that he helped to fight against all the huger issues. The fight against hunger became his cause and passion. He went through a lot of effort and time to try to convince people from the congress and the staff to help proceed to solutions to solve the problem of hunger. In New York was where he first established a hotline to the fight against hunger. Unfortunately Chapin died in a car accident at the age of 39 in the year 1981 the night he was scheduled to do another benefit concert. A couple years later he was very well deserved the award the Special Congressional Gold Medal for his numerous efforts against the fight of hunger. In the late 1980’s the food bank had grown so much it was in need of a new facility. By this time the food bank became one of the exclusive distributors for USDA and FEMA in Southwest Florida. They became supported by many events like the Publix Holiday Food Drive and many other well-known food drives, and also got access to donated food from places outside the state of Florida. 1994 became a very important year for the Food Bank with the support of many foundations many...
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