Topics: Big Four auditors, Accountancy, Accountant Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: May 17, 2013
I am going to identify and discuss my personal business goal that I have selected. My personal business goal is to get an accountancy job at a well-known international top best accounting firm such as Price Water house Coppers, Deloitte and Ernst and Young; to become a charted accountant for my future business goal. In addition, I would also like to get the opportunity in New Zealand banks sector. I am going to gain the knowledge and the experience skills required for that jobs. I have been planning to get that experience once I have finished my bachelor of business majoring in accountancy from Unitec. This experience will increase my job opportunities to find a work in future and get good income and satisfy my goals. Moreover, I am going to define my steps to achieve my future business goal, by setting up a lifetime goals that will help to get an overall picture that explains my decision making process. Another thing it is all about handling my personal plans and ideas that include learning everything needs to be educated. I have plans to achieve a high level at my future carrier and hopefully earn good income after earning good experience from working. I have to set my plans from now to have a better successful working carrier and future. Therefore, I plan to look for possible jobs as soon as possible I am finished just to start somewhere by applying my knowledge and information at the working place to challenge myself and earn that experience skills to get me a carrier at one of these top accounting firms. Working in accountancy requires high level of experiences as after my entire main goal is to become a charted accountant (McCulloch, R, Reid, 2012).

My current personal progress that I am doing at the Unitec is that I have two semesters to be completed. Therefore, I am planning to graduate by the end of next year once I complete and pass my last year and to complete the industry based learning course, I am very motivated regarding my degree and so keen...
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