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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Background of Study
1.2.1 Observation From Generation Y
1.2.2 Observation From Fashion Blogs
1.2 Scope of Study
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Significant of Study

Chapter 2: Review of Literature
2.1 Generation Y
2.2.1 Definition of Generation Y
2.2.2 Characteristics of Generation Y
2.2.3 Western and Eastern Generation Y
2.2.4 Hong Kong Generation Y
2.2.5 Generation Y Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior of Generation Y In Fashion
2.2 Fashion Blog
2.3.6 Definition of Fashion Blog
2.3.7 Motivation For Fashion Blogging
2.3.8 Fashion Blog Influences Fashion Blog Influence on Industry The Influence of Fashion Blogs on The General Public 2.3 Relationship Between Fashion Blog and Generation Y 2.4.9 How Generation Y Know About Blogs
2.4.10 Attitudes of Generation Y Towards Blogs

Chapter 3: Hypothesis and Research Framework
4.1 FashionFashion Blog Influences
4.2 Business Value of Fashion Blog
4.3 Summary of Hypotheses
4.4.1 Review of The 7 Hypotheses
4.4.2 Brief Summary

Chapter 4: Research Methodology
5.1 Research Objectives
5.2 Industrial Individual Interview
5.3.1 Introduction of The Interviewees
5.3 Questionnaire
5.4.2 Target Sample and Sampling Method
5.4.3 Questionnaire Setting Use of Languages Measurement Scales Survey Question Setting
5.4.4 Data Collection
5.4.5 Pilot Test
5.4 Data Analysis Technique

Chapter 5: Findings and Analysis
6.1 Industrial Individual Interview Analysis
6.2.1 Introduction of The Interviewee
6.2.2 Framework of The Interview
6.2.3 Fashion Blogger Unique Influential Power
6.2.4 Win-Win Partnership of Fashion Blogger and Company 6.2.5 Profession of Fashion Blogger
6.2 Questionnaire Analysis: Response Rate and Value Sample Size 6.3.6 Part1: Demographic Characteristics of Respondents Respondents’ Generation Group Age Distribution Education Level Major of Study Occupation Monthly Income Level
6.3.7 General Habit and Behavior Regular Fashion Blog Reader Proportion Open-End Question About The Fashion Blog Generation Y Read Experience of Searching Fashion Information Through Blog Importance of Fashion Blogs Sources of Fashion Information Influential online Social Media Platforms Factors Affecting Purchasing Fashion Items Percentage of Spending on Fashion Items 6.3.8 Part 3: Attitudes Toward Fashion Blog Functional Value Generation Y ‘S Motivations of Reading Fashion Blog Attitudes Toward Fashion Bloggers’ Opinion Consumption Value Attitude Towards Fashion Blog’s Recommendation Influence of Fashion Blog’s Fame Personal Perception of Fashion Blog Behavior of Reading Fashion Blog Trustworthiness of Fashion Blog Fashion Blog's Influencing Indicators 6.3.9 Comparison Between Different Major of Study of Respondents Opinion About online Social Platform Factors Affecting The Purchasing of Fashion...
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