Blockbuster Swot Analysis

Topics: Renting, Blu-ray Disc, Video rental services Pages: 3 (264 words) Published: July 16, 2011
SOWT Analysis for the marketing environment of Blockbuster Entertainment


• Ability to keep up the change. For an example when VCR (Video tape Record) were going out of style, they quickly move in to DVD rental.

• Brand Familiarity.

• Blockbuster have global network of stores.

• High quality products and Up to date Movies.

• Game CDs for all brand, such as Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox,Xbox 360

• Offer movie Rentals and Video game rental.

• Partnership with Movie Studio.

• Still able to get new releases before Netflix & Redbox.

• T-Mobile Subscribe. For an example: subscribers able to buy and watch the latest movie releases right from their mobile phone.


• Bringing back late fee charges

• Poor Investor confidence

• Poor Management

• Dependence on bricks and mortar

• Late entry for online video rental


• Developing a strong online distribution

• Developing strong mobile phone Apps for all mobiles with different types of operating system. For an example: Symbia , Windows Mobile and Android

• improved customer experience

• Try to build Strong partnership with TV movie industry. Such as Wanna Bothers, HBO etc.

• Introduce more Blockbuster Express (Blockbuster express is the new Kiosk model) in to Shopping Malls and Supper Markets.

• Lower the price of DVDs and Video games to give a harder competition for the competitors.

• Introduce their own movie theaters with implementation of 3D next to the Blockbuster Store


• Downloading all types of movies and music illegally over the internet.

• Movie Theaters with the implementation of 3D

• Other rental store such as LoveFlim, NetFlix, RedBox (DVD kiosks)

• Cable TV, Satellite TV

Micro (Internal) Environments

Macro (External) Environments
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